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The Meaning of Inspirational


Oxford defines inspirational as Providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration.

Each week I’m writing about a new personality and their life history. I am writing about the people who give inspiration to everyone, inspirational people. But there’s still a huge question mark on the exact meaning of inspirational.

After a few weeks of writing about few inspirational personalities, I learned that what makes people inspirational is their extraordinarily ordinary way of living. They can be anyone but what they do with their ordinary or extraordinary is where we find inspirations. So, it’s not up to anyone to decide what inspirational actually is.

The means of getting inspiration can be very different. For some people, even the smallest of the things can make a huge difference while some are least bothered. Everyone has their own way of thinking and it’s up to them to decide what and who is inspiring.

Maybe learning about other people’s life story bring you inspiration or maybe you simply get inspired by your own life. It can be through your small mistake or just a small incident. Things that I have written so far might be nothing but history lessons for some. But for some, a double take on these life stories can be a huge eye-opener.

Inspirational to me is simply a perspective. It is a dynamic example in the form of almost anything that makes you think differently and learn something new (be it good or bad) and makes a huge impact on your life. But for you, it can be something entirely different.


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