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Walt Disney


Walt Disney has been the part of almost every child’s life. Many of them are familiar to Walt Disney but only some really do know about the founder of Walt Disney- the Walt Disney himself. Walter Elias Disney was the pioneer of American animation industry. He was a man of talent, an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, and producer.

Disney was interested in drawings and this interest drew him toward the iconic establishment of Disney productions. He started with a job as a commercial illustrator at age 18 and eventually set up the Disney Brothers Studio along with his brother.   As the studio grew, the industry started developing and become more adventurous. Through the means of such productions, every child has learned a lot of stuff. The first cartoon screened was Laugh-O-Grams in Local City Kanos Theatre. The cartoons were hugely popular, and Disney was able to acquire his own studio, upon which he bestowed the same name.

The production and development of Disney, over the years, was highly interesting and remarkable. After the success of many productions, Disney even introduced an amusement park-Disneyland. Disneyland is another major creation that has grown and stretched his horizons. This place is always on the season and always a major attraction to children.

Walt Disney is an inspiration for the legacy he established. His story gives us hope to try something new and start from the bottom with whatever possible. It is not what you can do, it’s a lot of the ideas and the hard work you are planning to put into it.


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