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Coco Chanel

Image credits: Emaze

Chanel is one of the most leading brands in the world. The founder of this brand is Coco Chanel. Her real name is Gabrielle Chanel. She was a leading French designer, whose simplicity and style pattern revolutionized women’s clothing. She made a lasting mark on women’s fashion and design.

Her upbringing was marked by poverty, she was sent to a convent. She developed an interest in clothing and gained a lot of knowledge of creating clothes. After leaving the convent she opened a boutique selling fashionable clothes. Her initial success encouraged her to start another shop and which later resulted in a leading brand.

During the First World War, women’s clothing was very limited and restricted.  She helped make women’s clothing better and more practical. She began by liberating women from the bondage of the corset and encouraged a casual but elegant range of clothes.

Her first collection after the received a lot of critics but later gained its popularity. She was proud of her great taste in fashion and awareness of what people wanted. This was what made her the most recognizable name in the world of fashion.

She created a greater trademark. She created a better fashion statement for the women and revolutionized fashion in the 1920s. The Channel bags and clothing are still very much in fashion.  Her interest and dedication at her interest can be taken as a big inspiration to all of us. She is an inspiration to many fashion designers.

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Mother Teressa


Image:The Catholic Weekley

Mother Teresa was inclined to become a nun from an early age. She was given permission to join a group of nuns in Ireland at the age of 18. After a few months of training, with the Sisters of Loreto, she was then given permission to travel to India. She took her formal religious vows in 1931.

On her arrival in India, she worked as a teacher and later started a new order called “The Missionaries of Charity”. The primary objective of this mission was to look after people, who nobody else was prepared to look after. Mother Teresa felt that serving others was a fundamental principle of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In 1952, she opened her first home for the dying, which allowed people to die with dignity. Mother Teresa often spent time with those who were dying this afforded many neglected people the opportunity to die knowing that someone cared.

Her work spread around the world. She never sought to convert those of another faith. In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She didn’t attend the ceremonial banquet but asked that the fund be given to the poor.

Mother Teresa suffered various health problems during the latter part of her life, but nothing could deter her from fulfilling her mission of serving the poor and needy. She kept working for her mission until she was on the brink of her illness.

Mother Teresa with her unconditional dedication and social service is one of the most influential personality. She teaches us that one has to contribute to the society as a social being.


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What does it take to INSPIRE?

Image source: LinkedIn

The answer to this question would be a small act of kindness. Kindness in any form is the way to inspire or aspire. If you are kind enough and your kindness is noticed then you have all it takes to inspire.

When you are kind, you are showing your selflessness, you are doing something good for others instead of something for yourself. Kindness can be of any type, something big as giving aids to ones in need or even the tiniest one as talking to someone in need. It can be the smallest gesture of saying  “Hello” to someone who looks out of place or troubled or maybe help someone cross the road.

A small gesture of kindness can create a ripple. You see someone doing something good, you feel like you owe it to yourself to do something good too. It’s not only about what you owe, it also teaches you that life is about helping the others and taking help.

Many people who come up when you search for inspirational personalities have shown kindness. The kindness they have shown are in many different forms, some have worked for their country while some for people in need. they have contributed to at least someone’s life. They might be the scientist who has created fields for the future scientist to strive on or someone who faced the country’s crisis and created a better future.

So if you do want to become an inspirational person in the future, start from today. Do something good for the sake of someone else, even the smallest gesture can help.


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The Meaning of Inspirational


Oxford defines inspirational as Providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration.

Each week I’m writing about a new personality and their life history. I am writing about the people who give inspiration to everyone, inspirational people. But there’s still a huge question mark on the exact meaning of inspirational.

After a few weeks of writing about few inspirational personalities, I learned that what makes people inspirational is their extraordinarily ordinary way of living. They can be anyone but what they do with their ordinary or extraordinary is where we find inspirations. So, it’s not up to anyone to decide what inspirational actually is.

The means of getting inspiration can be very different. For some people, even the smallest of the things can make a huge difference while some are least bothered. Everyone has their own way of thinking and it’s up to them to decide what and who is inspiring.

Maybe learning about other people’s life story bring you inspiration or maybe you simply get inspired by your own life. It can be through your small mistake or just a small incident. Things that I have written so far might be nothing but history lessons for some. But for some, a double take on these life stories can be a huge eye-opener.

Inspirational to me is simply a perspective. It is a dynamic example in the form of almost anything that makes you think differently and learn something new (be it good or bad) and makes a huge impact on your life. But for you, it can be something entirely different.

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Walt Disney


Walt Disney has been the part of almost every child’s life. Many of them are familiar to Walt Disney but only some really do know about the founder of Walt Disney- the Walt Disney himself. Walter Elias Disney was the pioneer of American animation industry. He was a man of talent, an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, and producer.

Disney was interested in drawings and this interest drew him toward the iconic establishment of Disney productions. He started with a job as a commercial illustrator at age 18 and eventually set up the Disney Brothers Studio along with his brother.   As the studio grew, the industry started developing and become more adventurous. Through the means of such productions, every child has learned a lot of stuff. The first cartoon screened was Laugh-O-Grams in Local City Kanos Theatre. The cartoons were hugely popular, and Disney was able to acquire his own studio, upon which he bestowed the same name.

The production and development of Disney, over the years, was highly interesting and remarkable. After the success of many productions, Disney even introduced an amusement park-Disneyland. Disneyland is another major creation that has grown and stretched his horizons. This place is always on the season and always a major attraction to children.

Walt Disney is an inspiration for the legacy he established. His story gives us hope to try something new and start from the bottom with whatever possible. It is not what you can do, it’s a lot of the ideas and the hard work you are planning to put into it.