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Blind with Vision


This is not just a story of some famous personalities, not some famous person’s story which is known to almost everyone. Here is the story of few people who suffered from blindness and yet managed to achieve their wishes. They managed to achieve not-so-ordinary tasks inspite of their lack of sight.

Daniel Kish was born with aggressive cancer, Retinoblastoma. Due to the condition, he had to remove both his eyes when he was just 13 months old.

He lived his life with the technique called echolocation. This technique involves generating a sound- typically a click of the tongue then listening to the echoes of sound that bounce off the surrounding objects, allowing him to see the world around him. Eventually, he managed to become an expert and started training and teaching other blind people through non -profit charity, World Access for Blind.

He believed in doing everything independently and solely relied on echolocation technique. His hopes for the future lie in a handheld sonic device that can enable every blind person to use echolocation and lead a fuller life. He has become a prominent figure in the community of blind people.


 Erik Weihenmaye was born with Retinoschisis, a condition in which the retina separates into two layers, resulting in suboptimal vision. He had his eyesight for thirteen years, which gave him the general idea of how life works.

 Losing his sight did not affect his wishes, the wish to become one of the most accomplished adventurers in the world.An adventurer without sight is a tough condition yet he managed to reach the summit in the year 2001. He even managed to climb the Seven Summits which involved climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents in 2008.

He was also dedicated to various charities for visually impaired and wrote two books. His unique life story was made into an award-winning feature film called Farther than the Eye Can See. He is also constantly perching about the abilities of blind people.


Marla Runyan developed Stargardt, a disease that left her legally blind but still with her peripheral vision at the age of nine. Whilst studying at San Diego State University she began competing in several athletic disciplines; the heptathlon, high jump and shot put, to name but a few.

She became an exceptional Olympian with the growing years. She competed and became a world-class runner by winning the 1500 meter race. Just a year later, she became the first legally blind athlete to compete in the Olympics. She is a versatile athlete and even holds records in the 20km, 500m, Female Marathon, and Heptathlon.

Marla is also dedicated to supporting other blind people and has been an ambassador for the Perkins School for the Blind since 2001.


These people even with their blindness managed to achieve a lot more than any other person could do. If that is not inspiring, then there is probably nothing that could inspire you. They are people who are blind with a vision, visions they managed to achieve during their course of life.

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Malala Yousafazi

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”
― Malala Yousafzai

We have all heard of miracles, there are like million cases of miracles. A girl getting shot by a bullet which went through her body, the body part being head, then only a case of miracle can save the girl. Malala Yousafazi is definitely a girl blessed with a miracle because she did survive a bullet through her head.

It’s not that her being a miracle is what makes her an inspiration. Malala is an inspiration for what she stood up for, what she did and how she handled violence. Her words and her active involvement in defending the rights of children and women helped a lot in the war against Taliban.

Malala is the daughter of a teacher and had ample education to understand its importance.  During the threats of Taliban in Pakistan, there was a lot of trouble and injustice inflicted upon women. She didn’t decide to cower but started delivering speech, raising awareness and writing blogs which helped people learn about Taliban’s threat and injustice. Her involvement also earned her a Nobel Peace Prize and she also became UN Messenger of Peace in April 2017.

Malala is another war hero who truly deserves to be in the list of inspirational personalities. She is an exemplary to every bystander that justice cannot be achieved without standing up. She is a role model for every girl and has reached the heart of all people who read her book ‘I am Malala’.

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Nelson Mandela


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela is another leader from whom we can find great inspiration from. Mandela was an activist against racism in South Africa. His journey was full of obstacles yet he earned a lot of achievements. He brought forward a great number of change. He was also awarded Nobel Prize for his achievement and endeavors.

Mandela was a Black man who struggled with a lot of injustice due to his color. He didn’t chose to standby and watch while injustice fell upon him, instead he started taking stand. At first, he intended to take the non-violence road but eventually he started advocating sabotage campaigns. He was so talented at disguise that it was easier to get away with his revolution and campaigns.

He was from a tiny village and was the first from his family to get education. He was the first one to run a black-run law firm and again elected the first leader of a democratic South Africa. His policies brought a great difference. He believed in the right of freedom and fought hard for his views and whats right.

If I were to name one inspirational political leader among many, I would definitively name Nelson Mandela. Whenever, I picture Mandela, I always get the picture of a happy and smiling man who outwitted people through his disguise and worked for the betterment of his country and is people.

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Marie Curie


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“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it.”

-Marie Curie

The next inspirational personality I’m going to talk about is Marie Curie. Marie Cure, as you all must know is a female scientist who won Nobel Price in Physics and Chemistry. She is  an inspirational personality in the field of science. Her contributions helped develop the women in Science field.

Curie  was a Polish scientist who was brought up in a poor but well-educated family. At that time, Poland was not a big on women getting education so she  struggled her way into college in Paris. She was a bright student from the very beginning and won various prizes and dedicated her life to education.She earned degree in both Physics and Maths.

After finishing her degrees, she  started pursuing radioactivity and made amazing discoveries. She invented radiotherapy for which she was awarded her first Nobel Prize. She was also the first woman to ever get a Nobel Prize. She received a second Nobel Prize because of her further studies in radium.After that she worked on installing X-ray machines during World War I and also wrote a book called Radiology in War. She also became the professor in the University of Paris, being the first woman to become a professor.

Marie Curie helped break many barriers in Science, from discovery of radium to development of female in the society of science. She was a very dedicated person. She pursued on her career hoping to teach others about her studies. She also dedicated all her money from all the  prizes she won to a social cause. She is a truly inspirational personality to learn about.