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Prithvi Narayan Shah


“Let the king see that great justice is done. Let there be no injustice in our country. Justice is crippled when bribes are given and when bribes are taken.”

-Prithvi Narayan Shah

The people of Nepal are called ‘Bir Gorkhali’, the word bir stands for brave and Gorkhali is the name given to people who live in Gorkha, a district in Nepal. This name given to the people of Nepal was due to the bravery and courage of the king of Gorkha Prithvi Nrayan Shah and his soldiers. It was not a self-given name rather a name bestowed by the enemies of the Gorkhali, seeing their fierceness and dedication during wars to protect their kingdom.

Prithvi Narayan Shah was a very ambitious person. He always thought of something much larger and thrived to achieve his goals.  From a young age, he was interested in the affairs of his father’s state and soon began to take on these responsibilities. He was adamant on fulfilling his father’s wish to conquer the then prosperous state Nuwakot. This very dream was what brought a revolutionary change in the history of Nepal.

It was because of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s father dream and his own dedication and ambitiousness that the unification of Nepal was successful. He was also a great King to his citizen. He valued his people and understood them so well that he knew all the requirement of the citizens of Gorkha.

Prithvi Narayan Shah is the one who unified of the kingdom of Nepal. He was the first king of a unified Nepal. He is an inspiration for his dedication and loyalty to his kingdom and the citizens. It is because of him that their lies a country named Nepal in the world map. If it had not been for him, the Nepalese would not have existed.